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Registered UK Charity Number: 1183049

Our Sponsors

The running of The Lewis Project is totally reliant on volunteers and donations. We would like to express our gratitude to all those who support us with their time and generosity.

Dunton Green Parish Council Community Picnic
Thank you for supporting TLP by asking us back for a second gig this year and your generous donation. We in turn can now support the community.

Chevening Mini Festival Chipstead
Thank you for inviting us to play at your festival this year, your kind donation to TLP is much appreciated. See you next year.:)

Frank Meridith for your kind donation.

Kallkwick Printers Sevenoaks
Thanks Matt for supporting us when we run in for a flyer or two, you are always generous in wavering the cost.

Sevenoaks Vine Cricket Club – Charity of the Year
Thank you for a wonderful evening, your kind donation and generous raffle money.

Sevenoaks Music Festival
Thank you for inviting us to play at the annual music festival and your donation to TLP

The Cafe Grill Sevenoaks
Thank you for printing 5000 new promotional flyers.

Tesco's, Waitrose and Sainsburys
Thank you for providing us with tea, coffee, milk and cake. most Open Mic Sundays

Santander Foundation
Many thanks for choosing The Lewis Project to receive their 2014 local community plus grant. This will help with the initial setting up and running costs during the early stages of the project.

Members of Thunder and The Rant
Thank you to all my great friends for giving your time and support to raise money for the music project by putting on a start-up gig at the Stag on the 10th January. Love Michele xx

Peter Hattan
I would like to thank my dear friend Peter for the very first donation of £500. You’re a Star!!! xx

The Lewis Project

Promoting mental wellbeing in young musicians age 16+ through music.

Registered UK Charity Number: 1183049
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