Where there is music there is hope

Registered UK Charity Number: 1183049
  • Promoting mental wellbeing in young musicians age 16+ through music

  • Promoting mental wellbeing in young musicians age 16+ through music

  • Promoting mental wellbeing in young musicians age 16+ through music

Who We Are

The Lewis Project charity has been set up to promote mental wellbeing in young musicians age 16 + through music.
We understand many young people suffer with anxiety and other similar mental health issues in silence and can become isolated and depressed. We welcome all young musicians to come and relax or participate with likeminded musos. Our aim is to provide a relaxed, non-intimidating atmosphere in order to encourage musical interest and creativity. We believe music acts as a great communicator, music being the great universal language.

The Lewis Project provides a music hub facility, musical instruments to jam, opportunities to join workshops or to have one-to-one tuition if required or just to sit, have a coffee and listen. The whole project is run by volunteers offering their services for non-monetary gain at our centre at The House in The Basement located at the Stag Theatre, Sevenoaks. The hub is fully equipped with musical instruments and a sound system where we create an environment for musicians to practice, rehearse, jam and collaborate.

We have met and have strong support from Peter Flemming (Head of Sevenoaks District Council), Linda Larter (Chief Executive of the Town Council) and Andrew Eyre (General Manager of the Stag), and the local branch of Santander in Sevenoaks. We all feel The Lewis Project provides a much needed public service with great opportunities to Gig live, in and around our local community.

This project is in memory of Lewis Murrell, a talented musician and the son of Michele Grace who is one of the co-founders of this project.

Our Story

The Lewis Project based in Sevenoaks, Kent, was founded in January 2015 by Michele Grace and Sandra Boxall in response to both of their son’s experiences of the mental health sector.

Through their awareness, they recognised a need for a music hub in their community to bring young people together, to share experiences and create music.

Six years on;

"We have seen first-hand how music can be such a powerful force in promoting mental well-being, by providing a space to allow young people to express themselves.

We have witnessed huge positive changes in our members over time as their confidence grows through the language of music and life-long friendships.
We believe every town should provide a music centre to promote the mental well-being of young people everywhere"

Michele in particular feels that her son, Lewis, a talented musician, would have loved being part of The Lewis Project and meeting all the wonderful musicians at the centre. The Project was created in his memory and specifically to help young people like him.

Where There is Music, There is Hope!

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The Lewis Project

Promoting mental wellbeing in young musicians age 16+ through music.

Registered UK Charity Number: 1183049
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