Lewis' Story

The reason behind The Lewis Project

“The Lewis Project was set up in memory of my son, Lewis, who at 29 years old took his life on 8th November 2013 after a long struggle with a depressive disorder.

Lewis was a talented musician whose passion was drumming. From a very young age he showed an enthusiasm for music, spending hundreds of hours practicing on his drums. He gigged with various bands across London and the south-east and learnt his art from some well known artists such as Andy Newmark and Neil Wilkinson who he met along the way at places like Ronnie Scott’s and the Lion King.

Lewis was a modest young man who loved to pass on his skills by teaching others; he was patient and understanding and showed great empathy. He was passionate about helping others. Music was his strength, music was his passion.

Lewis’ anxieties and difficulties prevented him from being able to take on full-time work and sometimes even from socialising. He had a low self esteem and lacked confidence in himself but through music he seemed to be able to override all his issues, inspiring confidence in him, enabling him to flourish. It took him to a place where he felt good. It brought happiness and a feeling of purpose and well-being.

I fully understood the positive impact music had on Lewis’ life. I understand the pressures and difficulties on young people today and how music can be a great distraction, a great tool to gain confidence, be inspired by and how it can have a positive impact on their lives.

This is why I decided to open the Music Centre for young adults in the community. I believe it would be a place where Lewis would have felt comfortable, where he would have felt relaxed and enjoy jamming with other musos! I believe Lewis would be proud of what I am trying to achieve.”

“Where there’s music, there’s hope…"

Michele Grace, 2014