"Where there is music there is hope"

Registered UK Charity Number: 1183049

How you can help

There are many ways to get involved with The Lewis Project, we are always grateful for any help volunteered.

The music project will be free of charge and available to anyone over the age of 16 who has a musical interest. The whole project will be run by volunteers offering their services for non-monetary gain. We feel we are offering a much needed public service to our local community.

We rely on volunteers giving their time, skills and donating instruments.

Sponsor an event

Do you play in a band presently?

If so, would you be happy to do a gig and donate some or all of the proceeds to the running of the centre?

Alternatively you may have your own fundraising ideas eg. coffee and cake mornings, charity runs, etc.

Coffee Shop

Could you donate a couple of hours or more of your time each week to help in our coffee shop serving snacks and drinks?

No experience is necessary just a smile and a positive attitude.

Teaching in workshops

Do you have any musical experience, play in a band, or perhaps you would like to pass on your skills and knowledge?

Could you spare an hour or two each week to help in our workshops at the Centre?

Donate a musical instrument

Do you have a guitar, violin, saxophone or any musical instruments that you don’t use anymore?

In fact, anything you think could contribute to the running of the music centre would be much appreciated.

The Lewis Project

Promoting mental wellbeing in young musicians age 16+ through music.

Registered UK Charity Number: 1183049
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